The 6 things you must keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue

thing you keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue

Once the wedding date is firmly fixed next comes the wedding venue selection. Selecting a wedding venue is one of the most important tasks. It is however not as easy as it sounds, even the most experienced person will face difficulty when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding venue. Most of the time a wedding venue is selected based on the time of the year, the theme of the wedding and proximity. With the changing trend many of the new generation believes in holding destination wedding and inviting fewer guests. In the case of a destination wedding the wedding venue needs to be booked at least six months to a year before the actual date of the wedding.

In recent times the wedding venue is selected based on the theme of the wedding. Confirming on the wedding venue has to be done as soon as the wedding date is firmly fixed else getting the right venue for the wedding will become difficult and it can turn out to be a mess.  There are a lot of factors when it comes to selecting and finalizing the wedding venue from the budget, time of the year, proximity, type of functions, caterers and more. 

The 6 things you must keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue.

1. The Budget:

Before shortlisting and finalizing the wedding venue, you must decide on the budget. It will be easier to shortlist the wedding venue once you decide on the budget as it will help you to know whether it will fit within your budget or not. This will help in deciding whether you want to have the wedding in a hotel or a community hall, based on the budget.

2. Venue type:

The wedding venue and the type of venue can be decided once you decide on how you plan to keep the wedding. If it is monsoon time an Indoor venue type will be better so that the monsoon does not dampen your arrangements and similarly if the weather is pleasant then an outdoor venue will be perfect, hence deciding on the type of venue is equally important. After spending a lot on the venue and arrangement you will not want the weather to play spoil sport. The venue needs to be easily accessible by all unless it is going to be a destination wedding. 

3. Guests:

Taking an approximate head count on the number of guests who will be attending the wedding is important, as this will help you on deciding whether the venue you have shortlisted is the right choice to accommodate all the people. If the venue is too big with fewer guests it will look empty and if the venue is too small with too many guests it will look not only over crowded, but also restrict peoples movement inside the venue.

4. Decoration:

An Indian wedding is never complete without the decoration. Indian weddings are known for their beautiful floral arrangements, decoration, light, music and sound. You need to decide if you want to outsource it to a wedding organizer or venue decorator or would you prefer to do it all by yourself. Many venues have their own decorators and it is much better when the responsibility is given to them since they are in the field and it will help you to focus on other important things.

5. Caterers:

Many people prefer to hold the wedding in large hotels, where the banquet service will take care of the food. In many other cases where people prefer to hold their weddings in the community halls or wedding halls you will need to organize for caterers. Always ensure that there is sufficient space to cook the meal for all the guests. The venue should be easily accessible so that travelling wouldn’t pose a problem for the caterers.

6. Rooms:

Ensure the wedding venue has sufficient room to accommodate the bride and the groom. In most of the Indian weddings the bride and the groom will need to change their attire more than once. The bride will need to touch up on her makeup and change her attire. Usually Indian weddings have a lot of pre wedding functions like the mehandi, Sangeet, Haldi and post wedding functions like the games for the newlywed couple and the wedding reception and more. These functions requires the bride and groom to change their attires for each of these functions and hence it is always required to ensure the wedding venue has at least more than 2 rooms to accommodate the bride and the groom and also to store their things required for the wedding.


January 24, 2016