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The 'Wedding' is the most important occasion in the life of every Indian woman. From rituals to reception, make every event memorable and moving and just the way it appeared in your dreams. The key to having a great wedding is to have the best wedding planners and vendors work on it.

Bridal Wear, Wedding Decoration, Make-up, Musicians, Mehendi, Honeymoon, Catering, Photography and Videography, Return Gifts and more…. Find the best vendors for them all at Weddingbride.in!

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We help couples clear out the haze and plan a picture perfect wedding. We know the Indian bride has so much on her hands ….and not just the mehendi of course. And that is why our directories and blogs will clearly guide you on the essentials and those finer little details that will put you and your guests on cloud nine on the wedding day. Weddingbride.in is all about getting you connected to the best possible vendor in the area of wedding service expertise you are looking for.

Our unrelenting efforts to rope in the best of vendors in every area of the wedding business has us providing an extensive list of vendors in every space. Weddingbride.in works as a ready reckoner for all your needs from the time you start planningto the last minute of the wedding. We perfectly understand that every Indian wedding is different from another, due to the variety of rituals and traditions followed for over decades by thecountry’s culturally diverse population. This is exactly why our unique category lists has vendors for every type of wedding in the areas ofrituals, arrangements,catering, reception etc., Search from a wide range of wedding vendors in every category.

Weddingbride.in is an exclusive online directory for the Indian Bride. Every call you get from aWeddingbride.in member is a 100% convertible lead. Our specific listing and search mechanisms will have your name and contact details pop up to the most relevant business audience. Turn your business into a success story by registering with us.

Our directory services connect the wedding vendor to the Bride and Groom directly. This means no communication hiccups or commissions to third parties. It is just you and the customer. Weddingbride.in is a portal that connects the wedding vendor to the Bride and Groom in the most seamless and effective way reducing the vendor’s wait time between successive orders. This gives the vendor continuous business all the year through.

As a bonus, the wedding vendor also benefits from referrals given by the bride and groom who have used the services, and from ratings given on the portal. In a nutshell, it is consistent business and a good cash flow for a wedding vendor registered with Weddingbride.in

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