The wedding reception usually follows the wedding, either the same evening or the next day. Generally the wedding is hosted by the bride’s parents and the reception is hosted by the groom’s parents. A wedding reception does not have any rituals as such, however there might be a small introduction about the bride and the groom by a close friend or a relative who know about both of them. Followed by cutting the cake and in some custom the first dance by the couple. The wedding reception is usually arranged for those who have missed attending the wedding and also for the bride to get acquainted with the grooms relatives and friends. The reception is usually one of the first event the newly wed will be attending soon after their wedding. A time to relax and enjoy the best moment of your life. It is more of a dinner get together than a formal wedding ritual. So relax and enjoy.

One of the most important thing in a wedding and the reception is planning and also ensure all that is planned is executed smoothly. It is always good to list out the things that has to be done and assign responsibilities to each of the family member. This will help you to have the best wedding and reception.

Six things you must know and must have in a wedding reception 

After the gala wedding the next upcoming event will be the wedding reception. We would be planning well however there will be a few things which we might miss out despite a lot of planning and those might be trivial, instead of crying over small things it is better to focus on the main points and ensure they are in place. 

There are six important points to remember. 


Selecting the venue is the most important part, you should have the proximity in mind while deciding on the venue, so as to be comfortable for your guests who will be attending the reception. Ensure there are a few from both sides of the family to welcome the guest at the venue which will not give them the feeling of being lost.


Wedding reception is usually held in the evening, so a heavy and grand attire which will make you stand out in the crowd can be chosen, but much before that ensure you are comfortable in your outfit. Reception is a time to relax and be comfortable with your guest and you might have to stand for long, hence ensure you are wearing your most comfortable pair of foot wear too. Dress to the climate and place. If it is going to be a winter wedding ensure you are dressed enough to keep you warm.

Lighting and Temperature:

Lighting needs to be based on the theme and events you will be having at the wedding reception. If you are going to have a formal greet type of reception with just photographs and video bright lights will be fine or close to perfect. If your wedding reception is having a dance and music, then dim or mild lights will be preferred to set the ambience, however it is also ideal to check with your photographer on the lighting, so that the quality of the images and video does not suffer.

Similarly with too much bright light will also increase the temperature, always ensure the temperature at the venue is neither too hot nor cold, but just right. This will help the couple to stay calm as well as the guests do not suffer.

Be on time:

It is always good to be right on time and do not keep your guest waiting. It is good to have a few family members reach the venue earlier to receive the guest much before you arrive. Ensure the timing is maintained well between photo sessions, the cocktail and then followed by dinner. If you make your guest wait too long they might start becoming restless. Always be a part of the guest and ensure you are comfortable, which will make the guest also feel comfortable. Be part of them and dance along.


An Indian wedding reception has so much of music, song and dance. Every community and religion have their own way of entertaining their guests. While the South Indians sport so much of classical and light music in their wedding receptions, the North Indians have a lot of music and dance. Entertainment in a wedding reception must be gentle enough not to disturb the socializing and greeting in a reception, and amusing enough to entertain and keep guests engaged and happy. Entertainment must appeal to all age groups and yet soft enough not to disturb or distract the attention the bride and bridegroom receive. 

 Never over spend: 

Although wedding is a once in a lifetime event it is always good to have a watch over the budget and not to over spend, else instead of beginning happily you will be ending up with debts and crying over it. Clearing the entire debt may take a life time. Planning and spending wisely is always good.


January 24, 2016