WEDDING PREPARATIONS - How prepared are you for your big day?

 Examinations, interviews, and results can give you the shivers. But so can weddings. The difference between those three and weddings is that for them you wait for the consequences of your preparation or performance of the past. For weddings on the other hand, you get the shivers as you think of your future. You feel happy and nervous, excited and scared, eager yet apprehensive, all at the same time. You look into the mirror and meet a completely new person, someone you’ve never met in all your years. So what do you do when you meet this new person in the mirror? Say hello! Look that person in the eye and reassure that person that “All is well.”

Feel and capture every special moment:

So you’ve fixed a date for the wedding and everybody is so excited. Your whole family keeps jumping around and stuffing sweets into your mouth saying “Muh meetha karo” And you are just standing in the middle of so many people, confused at the sudden rush. It’s absolutely normal to feel that way. For others, it just might be another ceremony to dress up, eat amazing food and dance like crazy. But for you, it’s way more than that. It’s another milestone in your life. So give yourself some time alone and let these points run through your head.

Point 1:

Okay! I’m actually going to get married!!!! 


Point 2:

I’m actually lucky because I’m getting married to someone I like.

                    (SIGH OF RELIEF)

Point 3:

Understanding will come through the years. Nobody knows anybody perfectly well


Point 4:

OK! (Look in the mirror) I need to look my best

                    (ADMIRE HOW GOOD LOOKING YOU ARE)

Point 5:

Text your friends or Google for the best shopping places

                    (SMILE) (TAKE A DEEP BREATH AGAIN)

Walk out now and join the dancing crowd in the hall and enjoy the moments they feed you with sweets because wedding time is when you get pampered the most. You don’t want to miss out on anything. Each moment is meant to be special and cherished…

Get organized and find yourself a wedding planner!

We are saying it again, in case you didn’t get it the last time. You need to enjoy each moment as your wedding approaches. There may be two kinds of brides. Some may not be that choosy with stuff and may let things go easy. Others may want a say in everything and may want to supervise the minutest detail to perfection. Either way it’s dangerous. For the first kind of easy going brides, the outcome may not be a perfect wedding and for the super controlling brides, they could get stressed out and exhausted. So why bear all the stress? There are so many qualified, talented and experienced wedding planners out there. They can help you right from functions like haldi and mehndi to the honeymoon. You can also explain to them your choice on decorations, light and sound system, selecting venues, selecting the menu, making a guest directory, ordering cakes, selecting a song list to be played and what not? That’s a whole lot of work taken care of. 

Smart shopping helps

So what do we mean by smart shopping? Have you heard the words “Bull in a china store”? Well that perfectly will describe the scenario if you don’t plan your shopping right. Try avoiding any form of random shopping. Make a list of things you need to buy (preferably on your phone, as you can take it around –that’s why it’s called smart shopping Ahaaaa!!) Your list must include jewelry, clothes, footwear and other accessories for you and your near family. Plan your outfits according to the various ceremonies that will be held. Go for a million trials before you find the right one. "The hot colors this season are definitely off whites, silver and gold," says well-known Delhi based designer Leena, of the Leena-Ashima fame. So chalk out separate days for each category and choose the best shops to visit. That would save a lot of confusion. Do not forget to shop for your trousseau from this stage onwards. 

Pamper yourself

The reason many brides look so blushing, fabulous and utterly gorgeous, on their wedding day, is not just because they’re high on love and Champagne (though that certainly helps!) it’s because their beauty prep began long before the invitations went out.


Expert Irish facialist, Ciara McCluskey says that change in weather could cause the skin to get dehydrated and look porous. Some tips to maintain good skin, apart from regular parlor facials, massages and polishes are written down here for you.

1. Gulp up lots of water everyday

2. Take omega fish oil supplements

3. Get into a moisturizing routine

4. Use a body scrub

5. Exercise everyday


Get organized and schedule any color appointments up to two weeks before the big day. Be sure to book in with the same hair stylist so that they can stick to the plan. If you’re growing your hair for your wedding, ensure you get regular hair cut appointments to grow out any layers, and keep your hair looking in great condition. 

Most importantly

This isn’t a rule, but it goes without saying. As you are all about your wedding prep, do not at any cost forget the man you are going to get married to. Discussing and planning your honeymoon would make things easier later and would shorten the distance between two lonely souls ;-) 

So calm your jitters, tame your anxiety, eat well, sleep well, pamper yourself and feel the magic…


January 24, 2016