Wedding Invitation - Make it good. It matters to people

One of the key element of the wedding is the invitation. When you have decided on ‘The day’ you will need to let your near and dear ones know that you are tying the knot. The invitation will need to be neat and also have all the details about the wedding.

The wedding invitation is an integral part of your wedding and it means a lot to your guest too. Make it more personalized by hand-writing it or in case you are expecting to invite a larger crowd ensure it is printed on time and the names of the invitees are hand written or written by a professional calligraphic writer to add a personal touch to it. It will convey how much their presence will make you feel happy.

Make it look good.

The wedding invitation will speak for itself, make it look good. The way you present and the content in the invitation will convey all the details about the wedding.

However there are a few do’s and don’t you will need to keep in mind while printing the invitation and inviting the people over to your wedding.
Always ensure to handwrite their names on the wedding invitation or get them printed and avoiding sticking labels. A professional writer will make it look neat and attractive through his writing. In case you decide to handwrite it, it will add a lot of love to it. It is your wedding and a once in a lifetime event, so spend a lot of time on the details that need to go in the wedding invite.

The wedding invitation should carry the name of the bride and the groom, the date, time and venue of the wedding. The wedding invitation should also carry the RSVP number or mail id.

It matters to people

Wedding invitation matters a lot to the people you will be inviting. It cannot be put up on the notice board. It needs to be a personalized one, to make the person feel important and their presence is wanted at your wedding. You will need to spend time on choosing the card, ensuring it carries the right content and every small detail necessary should be captured in it.

The most important thing in a wedding invitation is how you address the person and the way their name is written will matter a lot. Ensure you make a list of people whom you need to invite, so that you will not miss out on inviting people. It is better to make a list than to feel sorry or embarrassed later.

When should you send start inviting

Many a time people have this question running at the back of their heads, when should we begin inviting our guests?
Ideally about 6 to 8 weeks ahead of the wedding. This will help the guest who are coming from other cities or countries to make their travel plans. If it is a destination wedding then about 3 months ahead.

How do you invite? You can specifically invite people in case you are looking at a specific crowd. Incase you are looking forward to more people attending your wedding, then you may address the invitation in the name of the guest and his family or friends.

The Deadline

To take a head count, ideally RSVP deadlines should be three to a maximum of two weeks before your wedding date. Please mention that there is a RSVP number or mail where your guests can confirm their participation, which will help you make the seating arrangements and take a head count to inform the caterer.


With more and more couple seeking to have an easy access to information on the wedding details, apart from the invitation wedding websites are slowly becoming popular and are in vogue. These websites give a complete detail of the event and the rituals in detail. The websites also have a RSVP column where guests can confirm their participation at the wedding a fortnight before the wedding. The website of the bride and groom will carry the details of the dress code for each of the event.

Personal Invitation

One of the most important ways of extending an invitation; a personal invitation for a wedding is the best form of invitation. Going to your guest’s home to invite them and their family in person exceeds all other forms of invitation and be rest assured that your guest will be thrilled, excited and feel respected. When you are extending a personal invitation, be sure that you give your guest sufficient notice that you would be coming to their home to invite them. Check out and confirm a convenient timing to go to their home. Most importantly, make sure you invite everyone present in their home and above all be there once you commit to them.

Things to avoid

The wedding invitation should not carry what present will be accepted or only your presence is requested. These things will not convey the right meaning. The essence of the wedding invitation will be lost with these words.

Similarly save the date card or words need to be avoided, instead the website can be printed and the guest will be able to follow more from there.
Kindly avoid printing children not allowed or adults only, in case you are looking at holding a theme wedding, follow it up with a phone call or while inviting explain that it is a theme wedding ideal for couples.

Extending an invitation for a wedding is the first thing that we do to welcome friends and family to a wedding. Indeed it is the very essence of hospitality in a wedding. A good invitation gives a great start to the wedding and keeps your guests happy. After all, A wedding needs to have a lot of happy hearts to wish to the couple! Invitations need to be made good! It matters to people!

January 13, 2016