Wedding happens once in a life time and we need to cherish and live every moment of the day, however because of excitement and anxiety we may not be able to register every bit of our emotions and excitement, the people who had been with us on the joyous moment hence the best way to rewind and cherish those happy moments is by looking at the video and the photographs taken on the wedding day. What is essential is to find a good videographer and photographer for your wedding day. With changing trend there are lot of latest developments in the world of video and photography and today’s generation will prefer to have their cherished memories captured and presented in a style that is in vogue.

In an Indian wedding the pre wedding, wedding and post wedding celebration together would consist of a three to five day celebration. Each of these celebrations would take place usually at different times of the day and only a good photographer and videographer will be able to capture those moments perfectly. 

There are a few key things to have in mind while shooting a video or photo for a wedding:

A good photographer should always have a background research done about the wedding and the pre and post celebration of the wedding he or she is expected to shoot. 

Understanding the rituals:

The first and foremost thing is to understand the type of Indian wedding that he or she is going to shoot. The rituals, the pre and post events of the rituals should also be understood since this will help while organizing the album and in the video editing.

Familiarizing self with the family:

It is always good to know who is who in both the bride and the groom’s family and familiarizing with them as this will help you to cover the important people and not to miss out on the key persons during the video and photographic session. 

Understanding the bride and the groom’s expectation and the members of their family expectation will help in getting an idea and help in planning the frames that needs to be shot during the actual wedding day.

Planning the shots

Planning well and being prepared in advance will help you in framing the shots well. Planning does not mean that everything will go as planned, however being prepared for a missed shot or taking a few shots extra will always help, as the sequence of events cannot be repeated. Moreover these are life long memories for the bride and groom and the best is always what they and the family look for. Taking the right shots is a key element that you will need to have in mind.

Working as a team

With the changing trend one can expect a fusion wedding most often than a traditional one, which involves more event capture and not to miss out on the right moments. Therefore often there might be more than one photographer or videographer to shoot the event. Working as a team and splitting frames is important. This way most of the event can be captured with emotions.

Candid shots

Off late most of the bride and groom do not like to pose for the photograph formally, the best pictures that are captured are the candid ones. The reason being they are more natural and they best emotions are captured in the frame. So having an album of candid pictures will add to your memories. 

Playing with lights

Light plays an important role in capturing the right shot. Always ensure the venue is light well with the perfect amount of lighting required to click the images, however there are lot of adjustments that can be made during the editing and post production, yet to capture the right image sufficient light is required. As it will be the grand day of the bride and groom, with their heavy jewelry and heavy worked dress which needs to be shot just perfect which will remain with them through life.

Post production

This is one of the main process before the photographer and the videographer can formally and officially hand over the memories that had been captured on your wedding day. During post production one needs to pick out the best from the clicked frames and also ensure the editing and mixing are done perfectly so that the essence and the sequence of the wedding day is not lost. During post production you will need to use the right music and ensure there are no errors. The photos needs to be placed perfectly in a way they are not too crowded not thinly kept, the album needs to be well balanced and similarly the video also needs to fall within the time line. All these will are sure to bring a big smile on the bride and groom.


January 24, 2016