Most pleasant memory of your life – Wedding Photos

One of the most cherished possessions of a couple is indisputably their wedding photographs. They are accompanied with so many memories and trigger a nostalgic chord anytime it is looked at. So long as men and women believe in the concept of marriages, photography as a business will thrive. Shooting wedding events in detail demands professionalism, a certain flair for photography and the shrewdness to capture candid moments. Wedding photography is in much demand currently, possibly owing to the advanced technological gadgets, awareness through the internet and social media. 

Wedding Photos Capture Festivity, Colour and Celebration

In India, weddings are a mix of tradition, festivity and celebration. Indian weddings are not only about the bride and groom, but about the many guests to the wedding, the scrumptious food, the various emotions of the bride and grooms family and friends. Indian marriage photography needs to capture the essence of the wedding, in bold colours and jazzy decorations. A few decades ago, only individuals from local photo studios would come and take pictures in weddings. However, now, wedding photography is a package which covers pre and post wedding shoots. These pictures are literally the unfolding of their story, in images. The scope of marriage photography is now vast and many couples are keen to start off with a pre-wedding photo shoot, in some occasions followed by shoots during the honeymoon. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Photography

Some interesting points that wedding photographers need to remember are the “do’s” and “don’ts” as discussed. It is important that the photographer is dressed appropriately for the occasion, however, not too ‘friendly’ or ‘formal’. Another very important aspect of wedding photography is the timing of the shots. Moments are precious and may happen only once; the photographer should be attentive of the unfolding of events. Being a very cherished, special moments, the bride and groom would love to have their space with themselves and their families. Marriage photography involves smart skills like the sparse use of the flash, not unless the photographer feels it is absolutely necessary. Finally, one of the most important prerequisites of being a wedding photographer is to have the right equipments. One of the most crucial requirements is that of a telephoto lens. This allows the photographer to cover special moments from a distance without encroaching on the privacy of the moment.

Speaking of weddings, they are conducted and presented in different forms globally. For instance, South Asian weddings are full of colour, are loud and the ceremonies are elaborate and extensive. Two to three day weddings are still a practice in India and are more public than elsewhere in the world. The photographer has lots to do and much to think, in Indian weddings. One such instance is the practice of taking the groom in a procession around the streets of the hall where the wedding is conducted. The photographer has to capture these events intricately, as they are a part of the rituals and customs of Indian weddings. Another very interesting aspect of Indian weddings is the crowd. Even the humblest of weddings has a guest list crossing 200-300 people. The photographer is expected to cover all these guests, as they are an integral part of the wedding. Also, at Indian weddings, the bride, family and friends are mostly adorned in bright colours like reds and hence, the photographers have to use saturated colours for their shots. 

Wedding Photography is a Challenge and a thriving Profession

The wedding photography business is lucrative and to make it more competitive, the photographers interact with the groom, bride and their families starting from the first call. They collect pictures of the groom and bride from their childhood and make interesting collages and are also active participants in designing the wedding invitation. From the earlier tradition of having two photographers, one for the groom’s side and another for the bride and her family, this concept of modern wedding photography has evolved and only one photographer shoots all the events. Latest developments in this business are highlighting specific events in the wedding like the procession of the groom, the wedding hall, tying of the mangalsutra. Besides these, some other moments that are often captured in Indian weddings are the family portrait along with those of the bride and groom together. 

Although a lucrative business and much in demand profession, these businesses have to keep in mind the challenges they could face. For instance, these weddings could happen in multiple places requiring them to move with their equipment and complete paraphernalia. Also, they need to be aware of the traditional, ritualistic and sentimental moments in all weddings, especially so in Indian, since the customs and rituals are more extensive. In Indian weddings, no ritual or custom halts for the photographs, hence being candid is crucial for these photographers, thus making the album more natural and alive. 

January 24, 2016