Memorable Wedding Invitation Quotes

When you plan your wedding the important thing that comes to your mind is to write invitations for wedding. Nice wedding invitation quotes impresses your friends and family. Though you can write traditional quotes in your invitation just by changing the names of the bride and the groom along with their parents but it will be a bit uncomfortable and stingy as if you have put on the coat of someone else. You can customize your invitation card by using some unique, memorable and creative wedding invitation quotes.

Wedding Invitation Quotes - Indian Wedding InvitationWordings


How to create creative quotes?

Though it is not easy to find some unique wordings for wedding invitation but still you should not worry much. Some tips are provided here under to help you in creating some unique quotes to add in your traditional wedding invitation card.

Use basic words

Instead if using extremely formal words you should use simple and basic words to make easy to understand your invitation quotes. People usually avoid reading the wordings of the invitation card. There are more chances for your guests to get confused if you use extremely long winded, sentimentally cute and clever words in your invitation for wedding. At this stage you should keep in your mind that the wordings of your non-traditional invitation cards should create least confusion for your guests otherwise it can increase the awkwardness of the situation. Though you can include some quirky words in your wedding invite to make it more interesting still you should keep its wordings simple and straightforward. You should not allow your wedding invitation wordings confuse your traditional guests at this occasion.

Tell them your program

Most people commit the biggest mistake by not including their program in their invitation card so that their guests may know what is going to happen next. While writing quotes for your invitation for wedding you should ensure that you have told your guests to respond RSVP or visit the website of your wedding along with ending with a call of action. Few examples of the wordings for your wedding invitation are listed out here under to help you in making unique quotes for your invitation cards. You can choose from them to use on your invitation cards as they are or after minor amendments.

Some unique wedding invitation wordings


The togetherness of a perfect couple does not make a marriage great but when an imperfect couple learns the ways to enjoy the difference.


I love you not for your abilities but for the changes in me in your company along with the changes you have made in yourself.


His soul and my soul are the same regardless of what they are made of.


To love someone and being loved by someone is like feeling the warmth of the sun from both of its sides.


The entire world will be mine if you will love me.


When you do not want to sleep then you are in love as you know the reality is at last better than your dreams.


A happy marriage can be defined as a long conversation that always appears to be very short.


The matters lying before and behind us are very small in comparison to the matters lying within both of us.


All things are possible if you have faith in them but you can get all of them easily if you love them.


A marriage is not something you get like a noun but it is a verb that encourages you to love your partner daily.


Love is a kind of friendship that is burning like a fire to give warmth to both the partners.


A marriage is successful if you fall in love with the same person several times in your life.


There is no ending of true love stories. They are eternal.


No happiness can be greater than the happiness of a man who knows that someone is waiting for his footsteps.


When you marry a person you marry three, one in your imagination, one in reality and expected to be in future.


You want to start the rest of your life at an earliest when you understand that you want to spend it with someone else.


The things lying within both of us are much more important than the things lying before and after us.


I fell in love with you as I saw you and as you knew it you smiled.


While searching happiness you may find your partner beside you to understand that your happiness has helped in finding him/her.


As you fall asleep slowly and then all of a sudden similarly I fell in love with you.


Instead of facing all the ages of the world alone I will like to share one of them with you.


There is no heart in this enter world like yours for me and similarly there is no love like mine for you in this entire world.


When we marry someone we love is the beginning of happy marriages and when we love whom we married they blossom.


The world does not go round due to love but it is the love that makes the journey of the world valuable.


Instead of marrying a person you can live with you should marry one without whom you cannot live.


Our love story is my favourite even if each one of them is beautiful.


When the queen and king in a home are in love then any home can become a castle.


Now he understood that he was not only intimate with her but still he is not aware about when it started.


My love for you is like a journey that starts forever but never ends.


I have found someone who is loved by my soul.


Thus, you can find out your favourite wedding invitation quotes from this list provided in this write-up to make your invitation more attractive and tempting for your guests.

March 18, 2017