Looking your Best Vs Looking like the Bride or Groom

 When it comes to wedding clothes, men and women think at a tangent from each other. So we are going to break down this section for you into gender specific categories to make things easy.

For the Bride

A woman dreams of her wedding right from when her pretty lil’ feet touch 18. And we all know, whether you’d stay with us on this or not that most of the dreaming done is about her clothes! And of course, about how she needs to be the Centre of the show. (Well, the face of the man next to her in her day dream is mostly just blank, unless she’s just watched a Tom Cruise movie) So mostly for women, a major part of what takes their fancy is clothes. If it’s that time in your life to make all your day dreams turn into reality, read on… We hope you find stuff in this column that might help you get an idea about what you’d like to wear on your big day.

First of all, you must remember that trends change and fashion never remains the same. If you have access to the latest bridal magazines or brochures, it would really help you to get an idea and streamline your choices to something from which you can narrow down on depending on what would suit you. Surfing the net for the latest styles is also an option.

So what is the most important factor?

OK! Let’s say you have chosen something you like to portray on your big day. What next? We suggest you see to it that your outfit is perfectly tailored. Curves that meant to be accentuated need to be highlighted and any trace of flab (which we are prone to get, thanks to all the sweets and wedding calories), should be covered subtly and elegantly well. Well, once you achieve the right fit, we suggest you keep a count on the intake of all your extra calories and cut down on getting further flab. (Ha Ha… Take the “L” out of flab. That’s what you need to look) 

A recent trend we looked up for you is a dhoti saree. It gives you an elegant look with some ethnic twist. If you want some class, a saree gown would be a breath taking view too. However, if you wouldn’t like to experiment, just in case, you can always fall back on the all time sharara look. Bring an edge of trendiness to it by teaming it up with a crop top. You can be sure you stand out as the diva of the day.

50 shades of elegance?

Indian weddings have always been characterized by hues and shades of reds and maroons since forever! So do you think you can twist it a wee bit around, yet still maintain the tradition and ethnicity? Hell, yes! The deep vine shade is right now the hottest, smokiest and most sultry trend on the ramp. This color isn’t just deep and seductive, but it also has an edge of warmth to it. However, if you are ready to experiment apart from the normal reds and maroons, inventive color combos is a really cool option? Get creative by combining shades like lemon yellow and pink, turquoise and green and so on. (You need to set trends. People will follow) 

So what’s your “dress-story”?

Every fabric has a story to tell. What really does well now a days is when you have a reason why you chose what you will be wearing. The reason being, a family sentiment with a little history attached to it. Many designers like Sabyasachi Mukherji and Anita Dongre are incorporating traditional fabrics like khadi silk, Gota-pati embroidery and various other embellishments into their latest wedding collections.

Pip tips:

1. Maintain your identity. Watch out for the latest trends, but don’t follow them blindly. (In other words, wear something that suits you, and not just the model on the ramp)

2. Keep the jewelry and make up simple. It should be you in toto who should stand out. Not just what’s on you!

3. Monochrome fashion is a bit boring now. Try to pick 2-3 colors to infuse brightness and cheer into your look.

So follow these little tips and don’t forget to coordinate with your partner. (Keep sending snapshots of what you plan on wearing along the way. Keep the sparks flying*wink*)

For the Groom

From what we researched about men’s dress sense is that they can be on two extreme sides

TYPE 1: 

The bindaas “I’m anyway getting married to her, so why do I have to try? (Btw, I look good even when I’m sleeping)” kind.

TYPE 2: “Mr. Perfect Bowtie” who loves a say in what he is asked to wear, who loves to pick the color and feel the fabric between his finger tips.(These men take longer time than an average women when they shop!)

So whichever type you can relate to, every man needs to look good for his woman on their big day!

Celebrate your last night of being single

If you are planning a bachelor party, well celebrate your last night as a bachelor by giving the ladies out there just a lil bit of eye candy. This is quite an informal occasion, so a trendy look to carry off for the evening would be a crisp cotton shirt with straight slim trousers. You can team it up with a contrast colored linen jacket

Evening ceremonies:

Evening ceremonies like the sangeet and sagan are mostly semi-traditional. Do not wear something too tight that could get in the way of your dance moves. So choose your look accordingly. You can sport a fitted jacket with a Patiala salwar or cowl pants. If you want to be the focus of the night, an Indo- Western jacket is a good choice. To describe it, it is a shorter and more contemporary version of a sherwani.

If you choose to have your big day during the summer months, choose your fabric wisely too. Cotton silk, light banarasi brocade or linen will be your best options. However, if it’s a colder time of the year, you can wrap yourself in velvet, raw silk, matka silk or heavy poly-linens.

For morning ceremonies:

If it’s a morning ceremony or wedding, you need to look bright and happy (even if you were woken up and pushed to get ready).Stick to bright colors that will make you look fresh. An ideal choice would be a waist coat in a contrast shade, teamed up with a kurta and chudidhar in a more subtle hue. Earth shades like mustard and maroons can work miracles. If you do not take a fancy to waist coats, you may wear a contrast stole. Importantly, do not forget to choose your footwear accordingly. (You can’t wear formal office shoes!) Peshawari sandals would complete this style for you.

All that being said, both of you need to be happy on the inside to give you that glow on your faces, which can any day outshine whatever you wear. Weddings are more than mere clothes and rituals. They are about magic that starts within two souls and radiates around the place spreading warmth, love and cheer.



January 17, 2016