Do I know you? Know your Partner

 Indian Wedding Couple“If I would tell you that I know everything about you, then that would be the perfect lie. I would require a lifetime for that” – lines from some movie, but nevertheless a truth that cannot be neglected. Many a time it is those small instances which are great opener to great emotional secrets. And there had always been the thought that we knew everything about him/her. Take care and attention to your partner’s emotions and reactions, even towards those minute and trivial moments but which could be very important; and this isn’t only during those initial days when the sparks had kicked in, but for as long as you hold hands with him/her. In fact, this would be one great step that would help keeping you both holding hands forever. 

Simple yet strong:

Start the day with a hug, but not an artificial one for the heck of it. Insist and ensure that the morning coffee is always together. Put that mobile / mails away for another time during the day but not when you share your time with your partner. Be serious only for those serious moments. Share a laugh. Have your thought read loud and above all be the best listener. Aren’t you the only person your partner can confide into? Listening carefully and attentively makes your partner feel that half the burden has already gone down when sharing. Solving comes later. Pointing out what could have gone wrong is ideal but telling your partner that he/she was dumb enough not to see it coming, or having it done even after cautioning before can only lead into too many skeletons in the closet, which is definitely a great danger towards a healthy relationship. Your partner’s primary motto of sharing something is because he / she probably wants you to listen so  that it would help relieve that of the mind, or that because you both can share joke or it could be a news that was really surprising to discuss about. 

Always a memory to cherish:

Young Indian Couple - Before WeddingNever forget those small moments or times which had been a great date. Remembering on those without fail will draw each more closer and it’s a perfect way to know what he/she likes or thinks about. Let that be food or clothing or to buying an asset or piece of expensive jewelry, if you are buying to surprise and make your partner overjoyed about it, be cautious that in first place you know exactly if it is sure enough to make your partner happy. Trying to push something that you liked, which could even be ultra-luxurious, could actually end up in being a disaster as it could hit on emotions. Make sure that you share all that you could with your partner and that’s a great way for your spouse to open to you. Emotions, likes, dislike, sentiments are sure to change along with time, so never take it for granted that you already know about your spouse. A soup that he/she had savored during all these years could have turned out to be boring from now on. So if you had asked what he/she would like to start off during dinner, be sure to do that forever. 

Give a shoulder:

There could be times when your partner often remembers something from the past which could either be happiness or pain. And it could all the more hurt if you aren’t listening because you already heard it enough or because it is not a nice one to remember. You are the first and the best person that your spouse wants to share this even if it’s for the umpteenth time. Reminding him/her about something that happened much funnier during recent times or consoling him/her and trying to change the mood into a better one could actually be a good choice which could only make you that perfect shoulder for your spouse to lean on. Ensure that you always make time for your spouse. This could be really important as we tend to spend lesser time with family under the thought that what’s there to talk every day when we are under the same roof. Even if you are returning home late after a dog’s day, remember to share it with your spouse so that he/she understands how it could have been for you. 

Lend an ear: 

Pented emotions could be disastrous in a health relationship. Nothing could make a relationship much stronger than listening and empathizing what your spouse feels or thinks about. So, if you wish to take your relationship forever as young and green as it had been on your day one, then remember to listen and understand your spouse for a lifetime!


January 24, 2016