Choosing The Best Wedding Planner For Your Wedding

In our country, there is something known as a Big Fat Indian Wedding. While that name might have come from a popular Hollywood romantic comedy, it is indeed true that Indian weddings are big and pompous affairs. Inspired by the expensive weddings portrayed in movies and TV shows and funded by money reserved for these occasions, Indian weddings need to be planned and managed to be a sure-fire hit with the guests as well as with the families and individuals involved.

In metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, families and working professionals are willing to spend a lot of money on planning wedding ceremonies to make them bigger and more splendid than ever. The demand for professional and talented wedding planners is now on the rise as more and more people get married every year thanks to the new surge of matrimony websites like

If it's your wedding, you would be looking for a smart and suave planner who will make it a truly grand affair. Here are some useful tips on finding the best wedding planner for a special Shaadi ceremony.

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Look For Experience

When you are recruiting freshers to work under you or even hiring a driver, the one crucial thing that you look for is experience. The same rule would apply to matrimony planners. And experience should not necessarily mean the number of years for which a planner has worked. Instead, you should focus on the following vital factors:

  • Types of weddings and ceremonies arranged
  • Types of clients based on their socio-economic status
  • Types of wedding avenues handled 


It is important that you know everything about whatever wedding planners has done in the past. You should also know about the range of their options for designs and layouts to be used during the ceremonies. It is also important to be sure whether a particular planner can be reliable in handling all aspects of a Shaadi ceremony without difficulty. Sometimes, you may find a planner who is experienced in setting up decorations but not so good in arranging buffet dinners or even plans for entertaining the guests.

Ask For Suggestions

It is a well-known fact that, in India, there are weddings happening all throughout the year irrespective of seasons. Well, you can say that they happen more frequently around the months of winter. In any case, you could be going to any of these feasts dressed in your jackets and dresses. If you end up being impressed by the arrangements on any of the recent matrimony feasts, you can always ask the person hosting it (be it your neighbour, friend or relative) about their opinions about the planner who arranged everything and whether that is reliable for your own purposes.

Here are some things to factor when asking for recommendations:

  • The price and budget at which the planner is willing to work
  • The variety of arrangements that the planner has worked on
  • The reliability of the planner in handling a smaller or a bigger venue 


Browse Through Options

This is a tricky thing. After you have finalised all the local wedding planners with good credentials in your own Delhi neighbourhood, you can start evaluating whatever they are bringing to the table. And before you evaluate their respective offerings, you should always be clear about what kind of an arrangement do you want for your wedding.

The following offerings of planners should be evaluated:

  • Designs and layouts of stage decorations
  • Design and layout of hall or banquet garden decorations
  • Optional conveyance and seating arrangements for guests
  • Choice of still images and video cameramen
  • Catering services and variety and quality of dishes being served
  • Additional ideas of entertainment and gifts for guests


Have Open Discussions

When you are meeting your wedding planner, you should discuss with him or her whatever you need to know. Open discussions will help you to understand the details and nuances of whatever is being offered. It will also help the planner to understand what you need and whether that can be delivered or not.

Involve Your Partner

It's your wedding but it is also the wedding of your partner. So, while you may involve your respective families and in-laws, you should, first and foremost, involve your partner in all discussions and decisions. Who knows, maybe your mutual understand will help to find the best wedding planner for your Shaadi.

March 07, 2017